May Be The Future Rosy For Lithium Ion Batteries?

Lithium ion batteries will be in this news during the last couple of several weeks with confirmation that significant progress has been created in extending their charge capacity as well as their connection to electric vehicles grows ever closer. Pike Research, one of the most famous research groups in the area of new energy, has today released a study which implies that lithium ion sales increases dramatically within the next eight years.

Do You Know The Expected Sales Figures For Lithium Ion Batteries?

The study note shows that sales of $1.6 billion this year will mushroom to just about $22 billion in 2020 as electric technology especially light duty vehicles become more popular then ever. It is really an section of technology that has attracted greater than its great amount of Custom Lithium Ion Battery Pack China during the last couple of days among signs that does not only battery manufacturers but additionally electric vehicle manufacturers are ready to take a position vast sums of dollars into this specific technology.

Why The Sudden Jump?

Despite the fact that sales of electrical cars were somewhat disappointing during 2012, with lots of suggesting the world economy ended up being to blame, there's hope that 2013 will provide a brand new era with new technology associated with electric batteries. An excessive amount of investment was already produced in the electrical vehicle market and lithium ion battery sell to reverse now and government coverage is now greatly targeted at reducing harm to the atmosphere yet still time presenting more effective types of transport.

Lithium ion batteries have grown to be the ability supply of choice among the electrical vehicle industry which appears set to carry on for that near future.

Exactly What Does This Suggest For That EV Market?

Among the clouds that still hang within the electric vehicle market is always that journey capacity and battery capacity are not near those of the standard fuel powered vehicles. Initially vast amounts of dollars was invested into electric vehicle manufacturing while somewhat departing behind we've got the technology connected with electric batteries. It has reversed somewhat during the last couple of several weeks among signs exceptional progress has been created and also the lithium ion batteries set to become introduced in 2013 and beyond will greatly enhance journey capacity and battery capacity.

Many governments all over the world have previously earmarked vast sums of dollars in condition aid that they will put for the electric vehicle market and also the lithium ion battery sector. It has been well accepted through the sector and consumers may also be conscious of the raised performance and journey capacity.

Reducing The Price Of Electric Vehicles

As the price of electric vehicles comes lower, because it inevitably will as technologies improve and mass-market appeal is achieved, this can increase sales of electrical vehicles that will clearly increase sales of lithium ion batteries. This method has begun although everything is somewhat clouded by various government subsidies and incentives currently available. As lengthy because the ongoing trend in the price of EVs is constantly on the move downwards then we will have greater take-from the vehicles themselves.


In lots of ways the lithium ion battery market remained behind through the EV manufacturers who made the decision to target wholly upon EV technology. Many now appear to possess accepted this fault and significant investment funding continues to be switched from electric vehicles themselves towards electric batteries especially lithium ion batteries. This bodes perfectly because of not just the electric vehicle market itself but the lithium ion battery market that is set to develop considerably throughout the next eight years approximately.